Meaning Of Color Candles


Even as a young child color plays an important role in our creative work and how it made us feel ( Try remembering your childhood and how holding your favourite color made you feel) or how a putting on a  particular color makes you feel.

 Color is a form of vibrational energy which affects us on different levels. Each color carried different energy and massage. In spellwork, the energy of colors is used to generate a specific response in the magick worker. It also attracts certain energy through the principle of sympathetic magick. Color candle is one of the most effective tools used in spells, meditation, rituals and other ceremonies. Different colours have different vibrations and so we can use those vibrations to influence the energy we are focusing and channeling.

Below is a list of individual candle colors and their meanings.

White candle

White candles are a pastel combination of all colors, white reflects light with little to no absorption. White candles are used for cleansing, purification, healing, blessings, protection, purity, chastity, truth, sincerity, peace, spirituality, enlightenment, prophecy, clairvoyance, clarity, rest, wholeness and joy. White also heals emotions, provides protection, repels negative energy, relieves tension and aids in meditation. It symbolizes the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess, and so used in all forms of blessings.

The color white eliminates negative feelings and encourages a positive approach to life. Used for concentration rituals and meditation work. white is associated with female energies, lunar rituals, so a white candle is especially potent on Monday, the day of the moon. 

Black color candle

Black candles are used  to absorb or remove, to unblock, for binding, banishing, reversing curses and hexes, uncrossing rituals, absorbing or destroying negative energies, repelling black magick, protection from illness or evil, removing confusion, ridding of bad habits, healing discord. It enhances inner strength, resilience, and self-control, and can be used in meditation to delve deeper into the unconscious. The black candle is also burned to harness the healing energy of the universe. It  represents the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess.

Black is another earth color, containing both male and female energies. Rituals using these candles are best practiced on a Saturday.

Red color candle

Red is a famous color of sex, love, power.Red Candles are used for energy, health, vitality, vigor, and is used to represent the element of Fire.Red candles help to eliminate pessimism and negative attitudes, and gives strength against enemies.Red candles are used for fast action, activity, ambition, assertiveness, battle, competition, combativeness, desire, drive, exercise, lust, mechanical ability, sex, and sexuality.It is used in spells to invoke power and intensity before workings of black magick.  Red candles  can also be used for protection against psychic attack and for self-confidence. Using the color red needs the power of the root chakra and should be performed on Tuesdays.  Use agate, red jasper, garnet, pyrite, ruby, red tiger eye, or obsidian.

Green color candle

Green Candles are used in spells for beginnings, growth, fertility, nature, renewal, healing, good health. It’s a symbol of the Goddess and her green earth. It is also a color often linked to money and financial success. The green candle is used for luck and prosperity, abundance and generosity, balance, marriage, fertility earth magick. Light a green candle when you want to mediate and reflect on nature, growth, healing and the good luck that makes finding employment or business success possible. Green candles represent Earth magick, physical and emotional healing, and youth rejuvenation. Green is a popular choice for luck-drawing spells.

Yellow color candle

Yellow Candles are used to symbolize focus, concentration, intellect, creativity, logic, learning, to improve visualization, to improve memory. Yellow is associated with the elements of air and the powers of mind.  yellow  candles can be used to break mental blocks, eliminates obstacles, and for good luck on a journey. Yellow candles can also be used  to improve balance, self-esteem, charisma, divination and creativity.

Orange color candle

Orange candles can be used in spells for attracting success, prosperity, good fortune, good luck, business and career success, and for attracting others in a positive way.  orange candles can be used to bring in joy and success.The orange candle aids in legal matters, achieving goals, cleansing negative attitudes and bringing in happiness and enthusiasm. Orange candles represent pride, courage, heroism, kinship, ambition, abundance, trade, enterprise, business deals, property deals, and matters involving the law, justice, legal cases.  Orange  candles can also be used to cure fear, doubt, and worry.

Blue color candle

Blue Candles are used in spells pertaining to spiritual well being, meditation, healing, rest, serenity, patience and kindness, inner calm, peace from within, and sincerity. Blue candles  can also  be used  if you are feeling indecisive, nervous, or unable to think clearly. Blue is  associated with West and the element of Water, is the color of emotional work, it soothes and cools. In its brighter shades, it is a color of inspiration and clear communication.

Purple color candle

Purple known as the color of mystery and magic is a highly spiritual color and is associated with psychic abilities, spiritual awakening, and ancient wisdom. Purple candles are used to aid meditation, for enhancing psychic ability, awakening your 3rd eye chakra, intuition, visions, scrying, and divination.  Purple candles can be used to reduce stress or insomnia. The color Purple is the color of expansion  and can be used to expand anything you desire, such as spirituality, business, money, health, or love. purple is also suitable for magic related to wishes, ambition, power, and authority.

Brown color candle 

 Brown is the color of our Earth, and holds a grounded balanced vibration and a firm connection to the land. Brown candles are used in spells for balance, grounding, stability, nurturing, and Earth magick.It also encourages intuition and telepathic abilities. Brown candles can be  burned in times of financial crises, as it is known to attract money and financial success. Brown can also be used to  eliminate fears, stresses, anxieties, and uncertainties.

Pink color candle

Pink is the color of emotional well-being, sensuality, and matters of the heart.  Pink candles are used in love magick for romantic love, devotion, tenderness, affection, warmth, compassion, honor, friendship, faith, forgiveness, joy, harmony, sensitivity, emotional and spiritual healing, and self-love. Pink candles are used in rituals to attract attention or achieve some other joyful purpose.   Use a pink candle when you wish to grow in compassion, self-healing and self-love, or attract the love of others.

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