Things You Should Know About Nov 30th Full Moon


The November full moon is often referred to as  'Beaver Moon'. Native Americans called it the beaver moon because they associated it with when beavers finish building their lodges, made of branches and mud, to prepare for winter. It is also known as the full frost moon due to the cold temperatures of November.

The Moon will appear full for about three days around this time, from Saturday night through Tuesday morning. The Moon will be close enough to opposite the Sun that it will pass through the partial shadow of the Earth, with 83 percent of the Moon in the partial shadow at 4:44 AM, the peak of the eclipse. With the full moon in Gemini, we can expect our emotional spotlight to shift into matters of communication, thinking, and daily affairs, it'll be important to talk through your feelings, keep your mind open to new possibilities, and connect with your surroundings to stay grounded.

This full moon brings change - If you're ready for change, this lunation is here to serve it up and you can take advantage of the energy and make it work for you. There is a spotlight shining on things that have not yet been resolved, things you've not wanted to face. Don't judge yourself, release and let it all out, be it negative belief, negative self talk, and patterns.  Letting go of old beliefs systems, habits, things and  patterns that no longer serves you, things that are not in alignment with your highest self and the vision you truly want to create on and around this full moon. Releasing them into divine crystal light.

This full moon acts as a turning point for things you want to change, to shift, to modify,(such as relationship, home, work, and abundance.) you make a choice, you commit and as we move you begin to see those changes. This is a time for you to choose, to change, to ground. Listen to your intuition, don't let fear and doubt block you and know that it's time to move forward with love in your heart and clarity in your mind. 

How to release what no longer serves you: Light any incense of your choice, light a candle if you've got one but if you don't it's fine. Sit facing the moon and calm your mind of all thoughts and worries you can listen to full moon meditation to help calm the mind and put you in a peaceful and relaxed state…. It is now time to get a fresh piece of paper and a pen or pencil… 

write at the top “I now release”. Then write from your heart whatever patterns, beliefs, habits you feel are weighing and blocking you from manifesting your intention. Don't hold back your feelings or try to bury or push them down. Don't think or judge what answer emerges just write  it down. 

Be specific, write down specifically what you are  ready to release, relinquish and let go of. 

Once you are done, write down “i now release this into the golden crystal light of the divine”. Now it is time to tear out your paper (papars) or burn it, say out loud, “I now release this into the golden crystal light of the divine”. Take a moment to feel yourself energetically release all of the heaviness that has arisen from within.

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